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Use these situations to inspire you creatively.

You are generous with your affections as well as your material assets. Limitations bother you and you loathe restricting yourself emotionally or with the things you own. Hard labour is not for you and you require that your environment be luxurious and stylish or you find it difficult to relax.

Entertaining guests is very enjoyable for you and you can play the courteous, delightful role easily. Past-life karma bestows you with prosperity in this life. The only negativity that this placement may bring is a tendency towards being lazy and over-indulging yourself. It is also possible that you may be unappreciative of the things you have due to acquiring them with such ease; often we will value most the things that we have worked hardest to gain. Weight gain may become a problem for you as you may indulge in delicious food and drink a bit too much.

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You are a soft-hearted soul who enjoys the company of others immensely, harmoniously traveling through life creating beautiful things wherever you go. Be mindful that you are not gullible or ignorant, as you are susceptible to harm by your lack of understanding a situation fully. The mundane daily schedule of life is unappealing to you and if forced to endure this monotonous ordeal day in and day out, you are likely to feel trapped. You need something to be happening, something new and different, especially if it is a type of activity where you can express your agility and well-timed pace; relaxation may be a challenge for you as you require being constantly active.

Much of your energy may come from the high-strung nerves you possess and the internal restlessness you feel regularly.

Russell Grant Video Horoscope Pisces September Sunday 30th

You strive to be a part of projects that require reforming a system or changing tradition somehow. Highly self-sufficient, you dislike having to answer to anyone and need a great deal of space to get into whatever tickles your fancy at the moment. You are often the leader in whatever endeavours you start on, providing inspirational guidance to those working with you.

However, you are not one to listen when others try to advise you; you feel you must go through the situation yourself to comprehend it fully and then come to your own conclusions and observations, even if this can be destructive at times. Previous life karma is good and you have been able to keep your temper and impulses relatively balanced. Continue on the path you have started in your past; your intuitive nature serves you well. You can be rebellious when given instruction, however you also sense when it is important for you follow without causing issue.

Though you work to create change, you are keen to observe when the price of change may be too high. You have a magnetic personality that draws others to you and when you lead, you do not do so because you are power-hungry but rather because you have great insight into what is likely to happen and how best to maneuver the situation to succeed. Often your life is full of unexpected and rather strange circumstances, though you do not mind having to handle them as you are always up for enhancing your abilities. You are plagued with internal strain and are constantly fighting yourself as to whether you wish to act dutifully or be free to do as you may.

There may be trouble with collaborating with others, as this causes you great tension. Anger is easily triggered in you and you can become quite difficult with little warning.


It is imperative that you learn to accept others for the unique individuals that they are, as this is only fair. Try to foster forgiveness and let go of past slights. Find a way to release the pent up feelings you carry inside slowly rather than exploding uncontrollably when you cannot keep them in any longer. They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage? The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow?

The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves. Aquarians are typically social, unique, sensitive, open-minded, unconventional, unusual, self-sufficient, logical, ready to lend a helping hand, and they require a great deal of personal freedom to explore learn about compatibility with Aquarius here.

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However, they may also be cold, detached, difficult to pin down, blunt, defiant, stiff, alternative, extreme, weird, fickle, and random. An Aquarius will enjoy working on projects that will incorporate innovation and require applying unbiased methodology. Aquarians enjoy informing others of the many things they have learned in order to benefit humanity. Being a part of a group and involved in team work is where Aquarius feels most at home.

They enjoy aiding others in a way where those they help can develop self-sufficiency. Aquarians can be a bit contradictory; they are out-going though removed, they are caring though aloof.

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This detached manner does not necessarily indicate that the Aquarius is unconcerned though. It is more so that an Aquarius is likely to be interested in humanity on a grand scale, rather than just one person. Aquarians do not require much in the way of ego boosting, they are happy to keep out of the limelight, though they are undaunted if they happen to find themselves the centre of attention; they tend to be disconnected from their egos. Transforming old-fashioned, conventional ideas into something fresh and different is exhilarating to an Aquarius.

They can be excellent at seeing advancements that others may be blind to, and though they are idealistic, can hold great wisdom within. Their fondness regarding their social circle can inspire them to try to positively influence or change the lives of those around them for the better. However, at times the very people they try to aid do not see their intentions and rebel against their efforts.

Often Aquarians are progressive, however at times they can simply be nonconformists. Aquarians can be diligent workers though they may not always have the get-up-and-go required to complete their endeavours to the end and may tend to forfeit before truly getting off the ground. Mentally they are logical, methodical thinkers, analysing the data before them and easily arriving at the truth of the matter. Aquarians can be viewed as absent-minded professors, working with large sets of data to invent something profound, yet sometimes forgetting the essentials.

They are typically well-liked and popular and do not involve themselves with shallow chatter or become upset over trivial matters. Aquarians may prefer to keep the atmosphere harmonious, not likely to engage in disputes unless they are needed to support an important viewpoint or idea. They will also be the first to stick up for the weak, minority, or the underdog. Aquarians are often so open to new concepts that they will become frustrated with people who refuse to at least listen. There is a built in desire to stand out from the usual crowd somehow, and this causes Aquarians to often say or do outrageous things just to get a rise out of others.

Though Aquarians prefer to keep an open schedule, they can adhere to a routine if they feel it is truly necessary. However, time management is not a natural talent of theirs and they may not always show up at the designated time. Aquarians do not enjoy being treated as objects to possess; because they typically give others a large amount of freedom, they would like theirs to be respected as well. Due to Aquarians being disinterested in how others see them, they are unlikely to judge others.

In romantic relationships, Aquarians tend to prefer a partner that will engage them in intelligent conversation and provide mental stimulation. Marriage is not something that a typical Aquarius takes lightly as they prefer to have their freedom and often shun commitments. However, once an Aquarius does commit, they will likely stick to their decision. Though they may be reserved in expressing their affection with the loved one, especially if not in a private place, they can be very devoted and trustworthy partners.

You prefer to filter your emotions through your mind and can come across as rather cool and emotionally reserved.

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Most people are unable to comprehend the way you handle your emotions and may come to believe that you are unfeeling. This placement bestows a stable emotional nature. You often feel secure when you are involved professionally with groups and engaging in team work. You are innovative, unique, and advanced in your thinking; you utilise these traits to benefit humanity.

Your relationships with your relatives may be less significant to you than the ties you hold with your friends as it is likely that you feel more bonded to those in your life that you have CHOSEN.

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You require free reign in your connections with people and will take a step back from the relationship when others become too involved. A partner that is envious, domineering, and clingy will only push you away. You may find yourself involved with many partners as you tend to be curious. You have an aversion to the conservative and old-fashioned.

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You are naturally social and outgoing, advanced in your thinking, and self-sufficient. Your open-minded nature entices you to seek knowledge of all sorts. However, empathy and compassion is not a strong suit for you and you struggle to comprehend others on an emotional level. On occasion your inner tension will manifest as expressing unconventional or extreme viewpoints, only for their shock value. You may also be detached, unpredictable, unyielding, stiff, selfish, and defiant. Mentally you are reasonable, logical, sombre, self-controlled, impartial, sensible, and clear-headed; fanciful assertions do not sway you.

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russell grant astrology pisces Russell grant astrology pisces
russell grant astrology pisces Russell grant astrology pisces
russell grant astrology pisces Russell grant astrology pisces
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russell grant astrology pisces Russell grant astrology pisces
russell grant astrology pisces Russell grant astrology pisces
russell grant astrology pisces Russell grant astrology pisces
russell grant astrology pisces Russell grant astrology pisces

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