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Kolev's extensive scholarship, the Primary Directions module calculates hundreds of variations of primaries so you can see which systems yield the most accurate event timing. It produces lifetime lists of primaries including one that gives side-by-side comparison of the hit dates produced by 8 different keys time-arc conversions , including Ptolemy, Cardan, Naibod, Placidus, Kepler, Kuendig, Van Dam, Sun's travel on birthdate, and user-defined.

Direction types include Placidian, Regiomontanian and Topocentric, done both zodiacally and in mundo , direct and converse. You can see contacts to angles and cusps, planet-to-planet, and planet-to-itself, by conjunction or aspect, or by in mundo or rapt parallel. Promissors and significators include fixed stars. So that you can integrate them with primaries, there are also the usual natal charts, transits, secondaries, solar arcs, and symbolic directions as well as solar and lunar returns, which you can display in 1- to 4- ringed static or animated wheels.

Additional goodies include speculums --Placidus classic or under the pole , Regio, Campanus and Topocentric, plus one for Alcabitius house cusps. Selecting from its more than menu choices, you can also use this screen to explore fixed stars, great circles, coordinate systems and houses. There's also a very nice division Gauquelin wheel a. Placidus mundoscope that makes it easy to see parans and in mundo aspects.

For Dr Kolev's fuller pdf description of Placidus, click here. Its innovative chart wheel which can be static or animated uses special symbols and color-coding to show the traditional cosmic state of each point in the chart. Menus let you choose points, calculation methods and many other informative windows. These include an All Almutens Wizard that lets you experiment with different ways of calculating the almuten, and a Porphyry Almuten Wizard that lets you specify how a Porphyry almuten is calculated.

Solar Fire V9

For Dr Kolev's fuller pdf description of Porphyrius Magus, click here. It is built around an innovative chart form that includes not just the ecliptic but also the horizon and meridian, the zenith and nadir, the three Babylonian celestial paths of Enlil, Anu and Ea , and images of the constellations overlaid by stars with their name and magnitude.

On this form the ecliptic circle can show either the Babylonian fixed zodiac, the Babylonian tropical ecliptic as per the MUL. APIN text , or the tropical Ptolemaic zodiac. As per the Liber Hermetis , each ecliptic degree is shown as lucid, shadowy, dark, or empty.

Dodekatemoria can also be shown, as well as the equinoxes and solstices.

You can switch virtually every feature on and off. For any star , additional tables show, in all three zodiacal schemes, its position projected in three ways: simple ecliptical, paranatellonta ecliptical degree that co-rises with the star , and ortus ecliptical degree of the Sun when the star rises heliacally. Based on more than first-hand observations, the added atmospheric factor enables you to more closely pinpoint the date when a heliacal rising will be actually visible. Out of court settlements simply encourage more nuisance lawsuits. Some years ago, consumer product manufacturers decided to take cases of alleged product tampering to trial rather than pay out of court settlement as they'd been doing, and the resulting judgments in their favor have made it harder for criminals to shake down big companies by alleging they found a mouse in their can of coke or whatever.

The first few such trials are way more expensive than it would be to simply pay the plaintiffs to go away, but in the long run it was worth it. There's a minor wave of phony intellectual property lawsuits going on this days, and it's time to give judges a chance to put a halt to them. It's a non-for profit organization, I think this just shows some people would sue anyone for anything if there was just even a small chance of gaining a profit.

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Didn't Sony learn the hard way getting the PS3 DRM protection hacked, not the PSN thing that pissing off people who use any operating system ending in a lower case x is a bad idea? Open source computing depends on enterprising hackers being there provide an economic incentive against this kind of BS. If you sue, whatever money you'll get in the settlement will not be enough to cover the cost of all the servers that hackers just turned into a smoking piles of plastic. You really should mention that the Astrolabe Inc in question offers astrology software. Perhaps the economy has now gotten so bad that the flakes who normally purchase their wares can't even afford that bit of guidance - but you'd think Astrolabe at least would have seen it coming.

I've suspected for the last ten years that al Qaeda spiked America's urban water supplies with time release mind altering drugs and now I'm sure of it.

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Americans have always been very good at finding innovative ways to take credit for other people's work, be it hiring massive number foreign researchers to do their research, pretending their output are American, and then accuse them of spying when they talking about their own work, or claiming patents for obscure concepts with nothing to show for, and then suing the person who actually developed said technology, or buying technology from someone else, make minor modifications and patent it as the latest invention, its the foundation of much of their nation's supposed innovation.

This is just an example of another frivolous lawsuit with no real basis other than greed. The company suing the "tz database" company should have no rights over direct facts. Copyrighted material is typically original work, therefore, it sounds as if Astrolabe has no claim for their legal proceedings. It's sad to see another big for-profit business attempt to take out a small, non-profit company. Who would've thought you could call copyright on a time zone database. I'm not surprised, but it is a little ridiculous what people will do for money these days.

It should stay as a non-for-profit database because essentially, no one owns time. The time zones are just a part of science and nature and information we all need. It's rare that I am presented with a story that allows me to indulge my innate dislike of both lawyers and astrologers at the same time. So, well done. When you think about it, the two professions seem eerily similar.


Lawyers and astrologers ultimately are being paid to be good at deciphering incoherent gobbedegook in ancient texts and selectively reinterpreting it in their client's favour. All while using rather too much latin. So I have to manually set my own time? I could be off by several seconds, milliseconds even. What ever will I do? Chinese may have invented gunpowder, but it's Germans who invented the rocket".

Gees, don't get your knickers in a twist.

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Like many other people, Americans are good at innovation. Chinese may have invented gunpowder, but it's Germans who invented the rocket, Russians who sent up the first satellite and Americans who went to the moon first.

VCR wasn't invented in Japan, but it's Japanese who made it a household item. Apple is the about the last to enter the mobile phone market, but it's now the market-leader in smartphone.

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