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The Pisces Man and Sex

Because of all this, he is often beguiled by earth sign women who can create a comfort zone in which a Pisces man's sexuality can flourish. A Pisces man is drawn to a Capricorn woman's subtle sex appeal. She's nurturing, fun, lusty, passionate, and sensual.

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A Capricorn woman has no problem initiating sex, and a Pisces man joyfully plays along and adds imagination, passion, and romance to the mix. A Capricorn woman and Pisces man have great sexual chemistry and share an understanding which nourishes their lovemaking. A Taurus woman needs a strong physical connection from sex; a Pisces man needs an emotional and spiritual connection. A Taurus woman may want dinner, music, and romance every time before she's in the mood for sex, and a Pisces man has all that covered.

Both are very sensual, passionate, romantic, and caring. Each takes sex seriously and is looking for a meaningful connection. The sexuality these two share can make their time together in bed like a visit to the Garden of Eden. Virgo is the mutable earth sign.

Pisces is the mutable water sign. Both are adaptable but ever-changing. Virgo is mental; Pisces is emotional. A Virgo woman strives for sexual perfection, but the perfection she seeks is technical; her emotions are secondary. A Pisces man's sexuality is all about emotions. So while their sex could be satisfying in the beginning, it won't be long before a Pisces man is longing for a woman who is less into the mechanics of sex and more willing to let her emotions dictate her moves.

Sexuality is all about emotions for all three water signs.

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

A Pisces man wants to become one with his lover. When he makes love with a Water sign woman, they flow into each other, and such a complete merging occurs that it's difficult for each to know where one ends and the other begins. Cancer, the cardinal water sign, represents active emotions. A Cancer woman wants to direct the flow of emotions, and a Pisces man is more than happy to take directions. Her sexuality is sensual and fervent, and, just like her Pisces man, she considers lovemaking to be a sacred thing.

She believes that it heals all wounds and affirms the blessing of being alive. A Cancer woman and a Pisces Man are sexually in sync. Everything about a Cancer woman's sexuality is to a Pisces man's liking. A Scorpio woman and a Pisces man are equally fascinated by the emotional dimension of sex. Their shared sexuality is all about feelings and emotional experience. Whatever a Scorpio woman desires from a Pisces man, he'll gladly give. She wants to control, and he's all about surrender. There's little doubt that this can lead to some exciting, risque, and very satisfying sex for both.

You might think a match between a Pisces man and a Pisces woman would be heaven together and their lovemaking would be a delicate moving experience, followed by a sweet kind of intoxication, and it can be. The sad truth is that while each is sensitive to the other's needs and wants more than anything to make the other happy, neither is a person who likes to take the initiative. However, if the Pisces man is willing to take the lead, their time in bed will be magical. Sexuality is all in the heads of the three air signs.

At their best, a Pisces man can inspire an Air sign woman's desire to make a deeper emotional connection, and she can help him put his feelings into words. To a Gemini woman, sex is like playing.

Aries - Pieces Compatibility

It has to be fun and nothing too serious. Love has nothing to do with it, and emotional connection isn't even necessary for her to enjoy the experience. A Pisces man is certain to find sex with a Gemini woman emotionally unfulfilling. There's a good chance that a Gemini woman and a Pisces man won't even recognize each other as sexual beings.

A Libra woman is romantic and wants to be wooed, wined and dined. Sex without romance does not appeal to her; it's the whole aesthetic experience of lovemaking that turns her on. Eventually, a Pisces man might find that she's too light-hearted sexually, and she might find he's not fun or light-hearted enough, but a Libra woman and Pisces man have good sexual chemistry because both are so romantic.

To an Aquarius woman, sex is about experimentation and research into what makes two people tick.

Is Pisces Compatible with Pisces? - Zodiac Love Guide

A Pisces man's merging of romance, love, and sex is a riddle for her to solve. Together they are sexually experimental lovers. Their sex life is not just about experiencing love; it's also about experimenting with each other to reach greater mental and spiritual heights. Their time together in bed will be exciting and colorful, because of their ability to experience something universal and wonderful in the other.

A Pisces man can add an emotional nuance to a fire sign woman's sexuality, and her vitality and enthusiasm can add spice to their lovemaking. A Pisces man and a Fire sign woman can be one steamy combination for a while and under the right circumstances. An Aries woman is attracted to the physical act of sex itself, not feelings of intimacy.

She can get impatient with courting and cuddling and push for the main event. A Pisces man might find it a formidable challenge to take their sex life beyond a quickie, but on the other hand, if he tells her what he wants and challenges her, he just might find her delightfully willing. If there's anything that turns an Aries woman on sexually, it's the challenge of being the best lover a man has ever had. When an Aries woman and a Pisces man hook up, the sex can be hot and steamy.

A Leo woman has a big and lustful sexual appetite and wants to be praised and lauded for her sexual performance. Lovemaking means it's showtime for her.

A Pisces man enjoys the costuming and theatrics and is more than willing to play second fiddle, and let her be the star of the show. These two are both incredible lovers, but their roles and characters are perhaps a little too different for them to have a long-term satisfying sexual relationship.

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Because they are the elders of the universe, they are considered extremely wise. At this point, I encourage you to take a few minutes to reflect on the material above. The physical attraction between Leo and Pisces is powerful and palatable. When it wants to mate, it becomes extremely dominate and hunts for prey with pinpoint accuracy.

For many signs, this form of energy can be overpowering. Pisces, who is attracted to the strong and confident type, becomes instantly aroused. Initiating mating is primal for the lion and intuitive for the fish. Verbal communication is not needed in the bedroom. Both have the uncanny ability to tune into one another on a different plane of existence. This leaves the lion mesmerized, something that paradoxically causes Leo to come begging for more.

An important consideration in this pairing is the impact of the moon on Pisces; a celestial body that affects all water signs. During the full moon, Pisces undergoes a surge of kinetic energy that has a transformative effect on dominant Leo. Curious as to how? In this way, the cat becomes submissive. The emotional bond between Leo and Pisces intense. By nature, the lion is cautious and careful. But once it connects with the fish, the emotional bond is unshakable. Once accomplished, the duo vibrates at nearly the same frequency. The lion is fiercely protective, something Pisces is drawn to like a moth to a flame.

Much information exists on the topic of trust between Leo and Pisces.


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It has been said that Neptune, a Piscean ruling planet, makes trust impossible between the fish and lion. But naysayers forget that Jupiter also rules Pisces; perhaps the strongest force of trust in our solar system. In fact, just the opposite is true. But before the bond can solidify, both Leo and Pisces must put one another through a series of tests.

7 Ways Leo and Pisces Are Compatible In Love and Sex!

Leo, a natural born flirter, will often check out others to elicit an emotional response from the fish. It is during this time, usually within the first year of the relationship, where the greatest danger of romantic collapse exists. Once Leo and Pisces move past this period of testing, the two reaching an understanding that is powerfully strong.

As time goes on, the bond becomes unshakable. Word of warning: Leo is fiercely independent. Pisces can often be clingy. Both need to be mindful of these traits during the bonding period.

horoscope compatibility sexually pisces Horoscope compatibility sexually pisces
horoscope compatibility sexually pisces Horoscope compatibility sexually pisces
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horoscope compatibility sexually pisces Horoscope compatibility sexually pisces
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